Sunday, March 9, 2014

Resting in the comfort of who we are made to be...

I love this photo!  The couch in the middle of a very green field welcoming one to comfort...what more could you want?

I am in the process of reading a book entitled, "The Antelope in the Living Room" by Melanie Shankle and let me tell you it's good.  The laughter she is bringing to the memories of early marriage and learning the differences about each other...Her story and mine are pretty close to each other being we both married hunters.  Only difference is I would entitle my story "the grizzly in the living room"!  

Yes, it's true.  I have a stuffed grizzly in my living room and you know what I like it!  Oh, I know many of you are cringing at the thought, but after all these years of marriage (over 30) you learn that bears aren't so bad!  In fact, they provide humor when a new repair man comes to the house.  They walk in unknowingly and  you begin to share what you need them to look at when suddenly they feel like something is lurking behind them they turn and well if I filmed these I might win America's Funniest Video show!  It can be pretty funny and a little fun as well!

Seriously, this book brought back memories of picking out your bridal registry and the differences over the years.  How we might pick a little differently later in our marriages than when you first picking the china patterns for a setting of 16.  Not to mention all the crystal and china.  How often have you actually eaten on your china plates, used your crystal or silver?  Or picking out your linens and how important you thought it was...yet not really in the big picture!  Seriously count the times used.  Do you think we really thought we would be serving a lot of meals in fancy clothes and eating on fine china?  Really?  Dixie plates work pretty good for me.  NO clean up just throw away sounds awesome!

It is pretty funny and it brings back the best memories of how much you truly have grown as a couple!  I'm telling you she shares about flying out on the honeymoon her with her book and him with 2 hunting magazines and how quickly he is done with reading...doesn't like to read much, but what now?  Isn't it amazing how we grow into each other?  Oh, it takes time and hard work, but accepting each other for the differences and realizing that antelopes aren't so bad...

I have laughed at Melanie's humor because it brought back some pretty funny memories of my own.  The reality of where I am now to thirty years ago is so much better than I imagined!  We are comfortable being who God made us to be...we accept each other ~ bears and all...No longer are we worried about what other people think about our bears or we realize that we are okay just being us!

Be yourself today and everyday!  

Sweet blessings,

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