Thursday, March 27, 2014

Such a ugly word and even worse disease

I don't know anybody that isn't touched by the word above...ugly, horrible, awful, dreaded cancer...

Just this morning I've read or heard on the television stories about someone fighting this awful disease.  Amazing stories of courage, of honest feelings, of real people.  Yes, real people that we love fighting with all they have to beat .......

I want to share a book that is real and honest by a beautiful woman of God.  Kasey Van Norman is her name and she is a fighter that shares her "Raw Faith" in her book entitled exactly that..."Raw Faith".  She is so real that it is definitely raw.  I don't know the walk personally other than a family member having it...but until we walk in the shoes we don't know how we truly would feel or the words that would cut us to the core.  She does and she is honest about all of it!

I am so moved by her truths.  I am going to post her webpage posting today that I believe will touch anybody facing it whether you are the person or the person that loves someone walking with the disease.  Go read her writing for yourself...

then purchase the book at amazon. com - Raw Faith.

Since I've been in ministry words sometimes just don't words help or take away the pain, but yet we try and sometimes they just aren't the best thing for the person.  I know my words fall short many times, so I am just honest when I say I don't know how you feel...until we walk in someone's shoes we don't know.  Simply being honest perhaps helps...I don't know, but Kasey does know.  So if you are hurting or someone you love is get this book and allow God to help you through Kasey's raw honesty!

I apologize for the times that my words hurt rather than help, but perhaps knowing I realize they are just words will.  I was not given this book to encourage anyone to read it.  I purchased it and know that God is definitely going to help many people if we help get the word out about help me pass the word to purchase this book and give it to your loved ones that are walking in these shoes.

Love and prayers,

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