Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thankful for the laughter!

We love our dogs!  I am so thankful for JJ, Annie, and Sadie.  Kenny and I spend many hours laughing at their antics much like the dog in the photo above...they entertain us!  It doesn't take a lot at this stage in life...seriously, I think we have finally realized what matters...

Over the past few weeks I've been laughing my head off at a book entitled "The Antelope in the Living Room" by Melanie Shankle and  it is the real story of two people sharing one life...I think that she and her husband are Kenny and I just a little younger with a daughter.  He hunts and faces back issues just like my Kenny and she writes and speaks about her faith just like I do.  I am telling you if i shut my eyes, I have many of the same stories!  Two very different people yet with similar stories.  

I was sitting getting a pedicure yesterday and I was laughing so loud that the women giving the pedicures were asking is I am okay and then talking about me in their own language....which is okay with me.  I'm comfortable with it.  I know that some think I am loosing it, but that's okay longer do I worry with the smaller issues of life...I just enjoy my funny books wherever I am!

Melanie shared stories about their back surgery experiences and I found myself just rolling.  One of their trips home after surgery she was driving by a Chick-Fil-A and wanted a biscuit.  So she ask, if it was okay to go get one. Well, she was just a few minutes after the time cutoff and well she didn't want anything else, so she jumped a curb (accidentally) to get out of line.  Now I've done similar...I didn't mean to and well we were in a hurry to get home...things just happen!  Thank goodness our hubbys love us!

I think I was laughing the hardest about the story about men vs. women loosing weight.  Doesn't it just get you every time?  I mean you start at the same time and well they loose 10 the first week and you loose 2?  I laughed so hard about the story of Melanie's husband coming home after a night out with friends and still being hungry, so he drank a milkshake at 11:30 at night...then he decided to weigh in.  Yes, you read that right and well he had gained 10 pounds.  He was upset and she was secretly loving every minute of it...(ever been there? yes, me too)  Anyway, he went in to all out war the next day with his eating and well he lost 6 pounds in one day...

Thanks Melanie for sharing such a delightful book about marriage!  It is bringing up so many of my own wonderful memories and I'm not being funny they are wonderful!  I am enjoying remembering early morning hunting trips and the books I took along to help pass the time.  Also, shopping trips.  Now those are a joy together....right?  Unless, I am in Bass Pro or some other hunting store not exactly...or how about chores around the house that's a good topic....

Seriously, I love Kenny and truthfully I am glad we are's never dull!  

Friends, order this book and remember your treasured moments!


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