Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gracious hand

Ezra 6 - 7

Today, reading these two chapters in Ezra these words jumped off the page ~ the gracious hand of our God was on us and again a little further these words And the gracious hand of our God protected and saved us from enemies and bandits along the way.

Do we realize when the gracious hand of our God protects us?

Daily God protects us!

Over and over these words are in my head pondering some of these things...

Is God using my hands to show grace to the homeless?

Am I allowing my hands to offer God's hope to everyone?

Are my hands reaching out to those that are different from me?

Are my hands showing grace to all?

God uses us, if we allow Him I allowing God to use my hands?

God's hands offer me grace and protection and He does the same for you!  Are we allowing Him to use our hands to help someone else?

Sweet blessings,

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