Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Esther 5 - 10

Esther prepared!  She took baths.  She was cleansed.  She learned.  She listened.  She knew.  She waited.  She got ready for her moment.

She didn't rush into the king demanding her people be saved.  She planned.  First, she had her people fast and pray.  She knew what the king liked because she had prepared.  When she dressed that day to appear before the king she knew his favorites.  Think about it she wasn't going to wear a robe he hated or his least favorite color.  No, she would wear all his favorites.  His favorite scent, his favorite color, the way he liked her hair, the way he liked her to walk, the way he liked everything and she did it!  She was ready to approach the king and gain his favor.

She didn't rush things.  She slowly began the process of achieving her goal.  She waited and God began to prepare the king as well.  I love in chapter 6 when the king couldn't sleep, so he ask the history of his reign to be read to him.  Seriously?  He just wanted to remember the good times in the middle of the night? And right before Esther had to ask for her people to be saved?  Seriously?  No, I don't think so.  God was working through the king's restlessness to bring to mind matters that would help save Esther's people.

Esther waited while God worked through all of her spa treatments.  Through the terrible Haman's tricks and for God's timing!  Are we waiting, listening, and growing with the LORD?  It is about God's timing and not ours!  We think everything should work the way we desire, when it's not about us!  It is all about God and His Perfect Timing!

Today, prepare, listen, and grow in your relationship with God.  

Sweet blessings,

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