Friday, September 4, 2015

Settle down in middle forever

Ezekiel 43: 1 - 12

Take a moment today and read about the Lord's Glory returning in Ezekiel.  Wow!  

I was reading about the Lord filling the temple and being placed on the throne and how He will rest His feet and live among the people forever!  Doesn't that sound glorious?  It does to me!

I kept thinking of the throne room.  So I went to my place of fabulous pictures and typed in throne room and well they were what we think of red and gold with in castles, but Our Lord's will be so much more!  So I went with the throne room in the Captiol Arches in Utah.  After all, God create this, so it felt more natural to use since we don't know what God's throne room will look like...He is so much more than our imaginations are able to comprehend!  If you don't know this already read Ezekiel to see just a touch of who He is and be filled with wonder and excitement!

Reminded of God's wonder!

Sweet blessings,

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