Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reached out to touch

Luke , Mark 1:40 - 2:22, Matthew 8 - 9:17

I loved this photo of a father helping a child. It's beautiful how he is reaching to help the young boy up...Isn't that just what Jesus does?  He reached out to help us up and He still reaches everyday for each of us!

Reading today these words touched my heart ~
Jesus reached out and touched him. 

Several times in today's reading these words are used and it was like a balm to my soul!  Jesus does this for you and for me.  He reached out to us!  He heals us!  Yes, it may not be the way we expect.  It may not be the physical healing we desire, but He heals us the way that will heal our souls forever! When Jesus reaches for us our relationship grows with Him!  He will do what it takes for our relationship, for our souls!

I love the stories today of Jesus healing so many people.  I love the story of  the paralyzed man and his friends doing what was needed to help their friend be healed, but what really touches my heart is the way the man believed the words Jesus spoke.  We are told he jumped up!  Imagine it!  Imagine this home filled with people the dirt from the ceiling laying all around them and on them and the celebration that happened in that home!  He heard the words, he believed, and he jumped!

Today, hear the words, believe them and get moving!

Lots of sharing the amazing things Jesus is doing!

Sweet blessings,

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