Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Ezekiel 33

Okay, look at the picture.  It's a beautiful scene, right?  Well, if you keep driving straight rather than taking the turn, it's no longer so pretty is it?

Well, isn't that our journey sometimes?  Honestly, if we don't have anybody that cares enough to sound alarms, when we are about to go off the cliff ~ we are going to be in trouble!  Reading this morning, I am reminded we need people that care enough about our everlasting journey as much as they do our everyday life right now.  People say well it's none of their business, but if we truly care about someone is that true?

I struggle with this issue as well.  When does it become my business to care?  Well, if someone is about to drive off that cliff aren't you going to wave your arms, honk your horn, try to get their attention?  Something?  Well, that is all we can do...sound the alarm and it is everyone's own choice to make their decisions.
No judgment just words to think about or as some say "chew on" for awhile.  After all, we all get to make our own choices whether we take the curve in the road or whether we let ourselves go right off the cliff!  God allows us to pick Him for the adventure of a lifetime!

Hope you are having a great adventure!

Sweet blessings,

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