Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Promise

Another new year.  Talk about time flying.  Yes they go quickly.

It seems every year it is on my heart to remind all of us (myself included) to read the Bible. Life is tough, but God shows up in His word and provides hope and love.  If we don't show up, how do we have either one?

I always have a word for the year as well. A tradition Linda Perkins got me started on.  Last year my word was "joy" and many times I asked the Lord how do find joy in this situation.  He would show me how? Only with His help!  My word this year is hope.  I know that hope is only found in Him!
All of this to share another year to be in His Word.  My Aunt Martha gave me a new book for Christmas and it is good.  52 weeks through the Bible by James Merritt and already he shared some stats and a story that profoundly touched my heart and even broke it a little.

88% of Americans own a Bible, 80% think it is sacred, 61% wish they read it more, and the average house owns 4 Bibles. Yet of the ones that do read it, the majority read their Bibles only 4 times a year or less.  Only 26% say they read it regularly.  On page 14 James share these details.  It breaks my heart.  No wonder then that America is suffering and down.  We cannot do life right without God. Why is this so hard for us to get?

Another story that woke me up and broke my heart at the same time is about a young man by the name of William Hunter who lived in England in 1555. Well he died then burned on a stake because of his insatiable thirst for God's Word.  In those days one could not own the Bible.  It was kept under lock and key  from no clergy. The Bible was chained to the altar. So he walked into the church opened the Bible and memorized it right there.  It was found out.  He was arrested thrown in jail for months.  He was offered freedom and money for the promise to never read it again.  He replied no, so he was burned on the stake for refusing to not read the Bible.  A gift we take for granted in America.
I don't care what way you read the Bible just read it.  I don't mean to harp, but harp I will to help another find hope and love.  I know it is true, because of someone sharing it with me.  It does change your life.  It does give you answers and most of all you share time with Our Savior!  You do find love, hope, and Jesus in the pages to share with others that need to hear the words.  We cannot find these on our own.

I ask Kenny yesterday one word for 2016 looking back he would use and he replied challenging and I told him stressful, but we did find joy in those situations because God was carrying us through the mess.  How does one get through when I know the only way I get through is by God dragging me, carrying me, or watching over me.  I know I am never alone and I know because I know scripture that make this promise and I feel His presence with me

Please make this a hope filled 2017 by
Reading the Bible. Check out my life verse Joshua 1:9 and claim it.
Sweet blessings,

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