Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Realization hits!

Reading the story again this morning found in Genesis 3 about Eve and Adam allowing the devil into their hearts and minds, I am reminded how easy it is to fall to doubts, fears, lies and all the other evil stuff.  Eve had such beauty surrounding her and yet the devil knew he could say, but what about that one thing God told you not to bother.  Did he really say what you think he said?  Did he?  Well, I'm not sure.  

How often do we fall for the same trick?  Seriously, that one temptation that you have the most difficult time saying no to?  One more time it won't hurt me.  One more won't hurt me.  We believe the devil and go for it...don't you almost immediately regret the decision?  It doesn't quite feel that empty spot that you just knew this would take care of the ache, the pain, the hole?  Yet, it doesn't. 

We realize that it isn't all that we thought it would be and well so did Eve.  Don't you hate it when we look like Eve and well we do...I know I do at times and it is not pretty!  I don't wear it any better than Eve and Adam wore their fig leaves.  Not the new look and not the best look.  I mean look at the photo of fig leaves and well their are certain parts of me that well I don't care how many I sewed together it would not be a good look!  

We know.  We realize in our hearts and soul, when we make a choice just like Eve did that it was a bad decision.  Do you then play hide and seek not only with others, but yourself?  I didn't do that.  I only did that because she wanted me too...the list goes on and on and we hide from the truth just like Adam and Eve.  We hide from our own choices.  We lay blame sometimes like Adam did...We play hide and seek and nobody will ever know...Yet, God always knows.

The moment that we want to hide and not seek God's company we are in trouble!  We are hiding behind our fig leaves and lies.  Yet, we realize God's love in verse 21 and it will always be one of my favorite moments...the first time we realize that God covers us always.  Before He covered our sins with Jesus blood, He covered us with clothes we are told He made Himself.
And LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

Only God that we hide from and make choices that we know we should not make still loves us!  He provides the way for us, if we choose to believe His Words.  Allow Him to cover you today and everyday the devil only covers you with doubts, fear, lies, and evil while God covers you with His Amazing love!

Sweet blessings,


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