Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Getaway with God by Letitia Suk Book Review ~ Need a retreat?

Great book filled with great ideas and suggestions about a time away with God!  Now doesn't that sound awesome?  Perhaps, that brought to mind I don't know if I want that much togetherness with God, but I promise you do!

Letitia Suk fills this book with personal experience and great ideas that will jumpstart ideas for a special time for each of us alone with God.  I instantly related to a lot of things Letitia Suk suggest.  It brought back memories of women's retreats that I participated in or had the pleasure of being on a team serving others.  It is great time, but this book speaks to both but focuses on personal time with God.

I think sometimes for girls it is easier to share the experience, but this book focus is on growth of relationship between each individual and God.  I remember the first time I signed up for such a retreat no friends as such casual acquaintances except for one.  We arrived to be told it was a silent time until the next morning and well that isn't easy for two ladies that are friends to begin with...we failed this section first time around.  Another was take off your watches.  What?  Don't know what time it is and depend on others to wake us up and such?  Well, it worked I still don't wear a watch and I get where I am suppose to be on time or early!

Oops, back to this book.  It is a great guideline and I encourage all women to purchase this book especially women that lead other women.  It will help you to guide someone in a good direction.  I loved that I saw myself in so many of these pages and felt God's calling me to a personal time with Him.  

When I got to the section entitled "Slow down Girl" I knew this book was calling my name, but the names of most women I love and care about...we rush through life and we miss so much because we are in a hurry.  Immediately, I knew I was in the same place as our author when she talks about turning 60 and needing to reflect on her journey and how God took care of every detail.  He will!  Also, it is cool to share how God provides for our spouses response to okay the time, the details, the money, the vehicles, the place every last detail!  He does provide!  

Another thing I appreciate is Letitia provides schedules.  A schedule to go by for all or any of the controlling women that like to go on retreats.  (side note after serving in women's ministry I have found we (most not all) have control issues.  We think we need to control every last detail, so our author provides for all women.  Those that need help with knowing we have a schedule and those that don't need one.

I was personally touched when I arrived at page 115 and found these words from her day 3 retreat...
"Then Luke 6:38, a verse I had read that morning before breakfast popped into my mind:  "Give, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."  She found 2 things after a reflection time that she knew God was sharing with her.  1) Give herself away with abandon to others and 2) tell her story.  Isn't this true for us as well? 

Thought provoking and helpful!  I am going to use this plan in my alone getaway with God.  I love the questions that she provides, her prompts and her guidance.  Yet, I know God will provide even more to the time away with Him!

I suggest this book to all women who love the sound of and plan on "getting away with God"  The book is available through Amazon.com or other book stores.  I was given this book to give my honest opinion by Kregel Publications and honestly when a person decides God provided the exact plan I needed at that moment how could you not highly recommend it to other women?  Yes, order it now or soon so you can begin your plans for your getaway!

Sweet blessings,

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