Saturday, January 7, 2017


Peeps this is truth.  Encouraging each of you to read the Bible is what this is all about...You must know God's truth for the days ahead.  Not Debbie's truth, not Beth's truth, not Christine's truth, not (insert your own name), God's truth.  Our opinions are just that our opinions and nothing more.

Please read God's Word for your own sake.  Read it and share it with those you love.  

Everyday we see bad things happening and the only way to have hope and see good is to know Jesus.  To know that He died for you and me and our sins.  To know that He alone provides the Way to heaven.

I love each of you, so I will continue to share encouragement to look to Him!  His Words and His Truths...It is all about Him!

Bad things happen.  Every moment of every day something is happening and the only way through these terrible things is knowing in my heart and soul that God provides hope for more.  A place filled with no more tears, no more awful because we, humans bring the awful in when we make choices.  

What do you have to loose by reading it?  I believe that even if I am wrong, which I am not wrong about Jesus and His truths...but if I were what would you loose in the end?  You have so much more to gain by reading it than by not reading it.  You gain forever with Jesus and it makes the difficult times bearable, because He is wrapping His loving arms around you making sure You know He is with you and believe me you know!

Clinging to His Truths,

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