Friday, January 6, 2017

Holy Spirit Nudges

Isn't she beautiful?  Those beautiful dark eyes that just pierce your soul?

I was fretting this morning and I prayed for the Lord to help me with my fears.  I prayed for strength and for me to trust Him and the Holy Spirit brought to my memory a trip that touched me deep in my soul.  Reminded me that as long as we trust in Him things really are alright!

I took a mission trip to Mexico some years ago now and it changed my thought process and my heart quite a deal.  I don't think you are able to take one of these trips and not be forever changed.

I remember going out on our first morning and the shock of people that lived in these tiny cardboard homes, yet they were so happy.  The smiles and laughter of the children were so loud and there was a genuine happiness surrounding these children and their parents.  Oh they didn't have much materially, but they were still happy.  It didn't take stuff to make them happy.  They found happiness right where they were.  

They genuinely appreciated anything that you did for them.  Whether it was a left over mardi gras bead or a new home of cinder blocks with a concrete floor, they appreciated your sharing the moment in time with them.  They don't expect anything, so everything was and is appreciated.

The Holy Spirit reminded me again this morning in my weak moment of these beautiful, strong people that trust and share their hearts, their smiles, their laughter through whatever life brings them it's okay. The children forever remind me that laughter and smiles definitely are able to change the world, if we allow it.

Today, laugh a little more.  Trust a lot more!  Allow the Holy Spirit to bring wonderful memories to your soul that you so desperately need to be reminded of and then allow the Spirit to do something with you!

Give thanks for all that God truly is and then believe today, tomorrow and always!

Also, thanks Dave, Jeanie, and Linda for convincing me to go on this trip to Mexico!  See God used each of you to change me by my taking this trip that opened my eyes to a beautiful people!  Love ya'll!

Sweet blessings,

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Linda Perkins said...

I think it is hard to go on that trip and not be changed in some way. So glad we were able to experience it together that year!