Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Running the race

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.

Do you remember one year in the Olympics the Tanzanian runner who fell in the race, but he continued on with knees bleeding and bandaged grimacing with every step to finish the race. His appearance in the arena caught everybody's attention. Why did he finish the race? What made him endure these injuries to the end? He answered; my country didn't send me 7000 miles to start this race. They sent me 7000 miles to finish it.

The story above just speaks to my spirit. We are sent by God to fight the good fight, to finish and remain faithful. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?


It's not so easy some days.

The day you get the unexpected phone call of a loved one's death, or a loved one doesn't love you anymore, wouldn't it be easier to give up?

Some days you feel like you are in the 9th round about to be knocked out, how will I be able to finish the race?

To remain faithful means to trust in God always.

Now that sounds a little bit easier, doesn't it?

I know that with God ~ I can do anything! I can run the race and finish it, but only with God!

So today, remember God sent us to run the race and finish it ~ just like the runner in the Olympics, but we don't have to do it alone. God will help us along this track called "life"!

Finishing the race,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, that sure is true, life-not so easy some days. I couldn't help but think of my sister-in-law, Terri, when I read that verse(2Timothy 4:7.) As a matter of fact, I wrote her name out to the side of it this morning.

Terri fought the good fight. She remained faithful to God in her battle against breast cancer. She finished the race as she stepped into Heaven. Oh how she remained faithful.

Our God is so good to have given us these faithful examples of how to run the race. Running the race with you, friend.