Tuesday, May 18, 2010

God Deeds

Psalm 77:11

But then I recall all you have done, O LORD; I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago.

I was reminded this morning in the reading to share what I am doing Debbie. It isn't just long ago it is now and why aren't people talking about it more?

So, I must share about Sunday with you. Sunday I got up and did my reading and began to write the blog and writing about calling on the LORD. Out of nowhere the words kept coming about BE Still…Be Still. So it was written in the blog that day about sometimes when I am not still to listen how I don't call on Him. I finished writing and went to work on Bible study and you guessed it what was the lesson on? Be Still..Now that isn't all…I was riding listening to my praise and worship and again the same message. Yes, I did get His WORDS for ME!

Our Father talks to us daily. He loves us and wants to share things with us now. He does some really amazing things that He wants to show us and then we talk about with others. People want to call them coincidence, but they are God Winks, God Moments, God appointments.

I have a really amazing story of a time I was very stressed at a conference for women. I decided to take my shower and let the hot water relieve the stress and when I threw back the shower curtain on the mirror written is the word Happy…Now I know I was given that room, so that I would receive this awesome message reminding me to be happy in what God called me to do, but also to share how I was in that room to receive that message.

So are you in the room ready to receive? Watch for Him, Listen for Him. We don't ever know who He placed in our path to give us His mighty message. Don't miss it, Be watchful and share the deeds and also do remember HIS MIGHTY DEEDS of long ago…



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Frankie said...

Debbie, thanks for sharing some of the things that God has been doing in your life. I believe that the Lord continues to do these amazing God Winks in your life because you are so willing and excited to tell others.

I really liked Psalm 78 from today's reading. It is a remembrance of all God had done for the people of Israel. In verses 29-31 Scripture says, "...He gave them what they craved. But before they satisfied their craving, while the meat was yet in their mouths,the anger of God rose against them...." I was reminded here to be careful what I crave.

May my cravings be for you Lord!