Thursday, May 5, 2011

Give freely and wholeheartedly to the LORD

I feel David's excitement this morning getting prepared to build the Temple. He is so excited that he gave all of his own private treasures of gold and silver to help.

Wow, isn't that exciting. Nobody requested. Nobody ask. David just gave over 112 tons of Gold and over 262 tons of refined silver. I am unable to even fathom how much space something like those amounts would take up in a barn or wherever you would store gold and silver. (in tonage) Because their leader was willing to give up his own treasures other leaders stepped forward and gave freely and wholeheartedly!

I wonder if the same would be true of us? If our leaders stepped forward and gave freely and wholeheartedly, would we turn the world around? I just toss it out for all of us to ponder a moment.

I am going to move on from this part of the reading today, to troubles with the kids once again. Now we have Adonijah claiming the throne for himself, but Nathan goes with a plan to Bathsheba. Don't you love this? Remember, Nathan is the man that God sent to confront David and Bathsheba about their sin and now he is going to aid Bathsheba about Solomon being on the throne. God is so forgiving, if we just confess our wrong doing!

How hard it must have been for Bathsheba to go to David. David is not well. He is much older and covered in blankets and his new young wife or concubine is with him. She tells him what as happened and about this time according to plans Nathan enters. A plan is hatched to be sure that Solomon is made king. The three people that once were in a terrible situation filled with sin, were now working together for God's Kingdom. Isn't this how it is suppose to be? Together forgiveness is shown to others and God's Kingdom is Built!

Sweet blessings,


Anonymous said...

It looks like wholeheartedly turns into more than we can imagine. I like that word, wholeheartedly.

Frankie said...

I must not have signed up correctly
because that is what I wrote under Anonymous. You might have thought it sounded like me anyway. (ha,ha)

I forgot to say how beautiful David's prayer of praise was in this days reading. I printed it out so I can say it to the Lord each morning.