Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tie them to your finger

First, off I want to apologize for the last couple of days...I couldn't get to the blog to post. Blogger was having some computer issues, so I apologize.

We are in Proverbs, some of the wise writings of Solomon! Don't they get you?

Today what caught my attention was Proverbs 7: 2 -3...Obey my commands and live! Write them deep within your heart.

To truly live and enjoy life it helps to obey the commands. Think about it. when we are walking closer to God and we feel Him beside us walking it is fabulous, when we move away its not so grand!

If we take the time to allow the commands to become a part of our heart they simply become a part of us and they are easier to follow. When we allow them to escape from our hearts and become a part of our outer being we just exist.

Ponder the Proverbs for yourself and listen to the wisdom of Solomon!

Again, sorry for the last couple of days...I felt lost not being able to post and say good morning! Most of all being able to write about God and His Mighty Gift of His Word!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sweet blessings,

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