Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wise man

The love of a real mother is beyond words! Solomon was indeed wise. He knew in his heart that a mother would never allow her child to be cut in half, so that is what his answer was...cut the child in half! A true way to determine the real mother!

Real the story in 1 Kings 3. We know how much we love and care for those in our life that are special. Our blood runs through their bodies. A mother who had gone through birth was willing to give them up rather than them be killed.

The original words of Give her...were the mother felt a deep yearning! We know that this mother was in pain, but she felt in her soul that she was going to sacrifice what needed to be done to save her child. Solomon was indeed a very wise man. He knew how much his mother loved him probably knew how much he loved his children and this was the best solution! The real love would shine!

True love indeed shines!

Sweet blessings,

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