Monday, May 2, 2011

He Caused!

He caused...who caused what? What did I miss?

I always get to this story and I'm like did God cause David to take the census? No because God does not tempt us! The devil does!

When are we going to get this simple fact down? God doesn't work this way with tempting and such...He doesn't have to!!! We just long for God!

David made God angry. David knew it soon. He realized that it was his sin that was going to be judged by God. God gave David three choices to pick from in judgment. David chose the one that God would decide not humans.

Does this bother you?

It does me, but then I thought well some times my sins affect others and they didn't chose to sin I did!!! Oops..anybody else or am I alone?

David said in verse 14 of 1 Chronicles 21 - I'm in a desperate situation, but let me fall into the hands of the LORD! Indeed, whether I'm in a desperate situation or a good one I want to fall into the hands of the LORD! God loves us. Over and over we are shown just how much He loves us!

Thank you LORD for loving us and the amazing grace you continue to show us every second of every day!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

I had to reread that part today also. In the 1 Chronicles part it said that Satan rose up against Israel and caused David to sin by taking the census.

The part where God gave David three consequences to pick from is very interesting. Does anyone remember reading anything like that elsewhere in the Bible?