Friday, August 7, 2015

Be original

Daniel 2 - 3, Jeremiah 7

Reading yesterday and today, the point kept coming to me that Daniel had to be different, Daniel had to be original, Daniel could not even try to blend in to follow God's instructions.  Daniel was a man from another land and to follow God he had to stick out like a sore thumb.  He could not allow himself to eat the food, God gave him a gift to interpret dreams, God gave them a gift of wisdom and he would never blend in...

We are not made to blend in or fade into the woodwork.  God gifts each of us and He expects each of us to use the gift to shine.  The shining comes from Him not from us!  He shines through all of our broken pieces allowing us to appear whole!

I am always touched with the story of these 3 men in the fiery furnace.  They tied these 3 young men up and throw them into a fiery furnace.  They were fully clothed and the men that threw them in were killed because it was so hot, but not these 3 special men.  God was with them in the furnace!  He protected them.  When the men came out of the fire these words were said "They didn't even smell of smoke!"  

Is the same true of us?  When we are thrown into a difficult situation do we smell of smoke when we get through or do we not show any signs of it?  These men were so special,  so original that they stood out different.  They knew whose they were and they were proud of it!  They knew they belonged to God and didn't mind anybody else knowing even if it meant their own death...Even looking death in the eye they knew they were God's and He loved and protected them!

Today, be original!  Be different, don't look like your surroundings!  Dare to be like Daniel and Be original!

Sweet blessings,

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