Monday, August 24, 2015

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Do you remember the days when the teams were being picked in gym class?  The days when you knew in your heart that well you would either be picked next to last or last?  Or perhaps you were the one picked first...I was the last one!  I hated it!  I didn't like it that  even though I loved sports...I wasn't very good at them.  I just was not athletic!  I wasn't very coordinated and I'm not talking about my clothes!

Even as a little girl I loved to watch the sports with my daddy.  I would sit next to him on the couch or climb in his lap and we would pull for our team and I loved it.  I knew more about sports than a lot of guys.  Yes, I knew the details, but not how to play.  I wanted so badly to be a player.

The experience of not being wanted gave me a few self esteem issues.  Rather than realize that I just was not gifted and that it had nothing to do with me as a person; it went into deeper issues of things like I just don't measure up. I struggled do any of you ever have these problems?

I got to thinking that perhaps there are a lot more like me out there than not and I wanted to share something that perhaps you need to hear today!  God picked you long before you picked Him!  Did you get that?  Are you one of those people that's thinking that you said Yes, so God had to take you?  Well, wrong!  He picked you a long time ago...long before you even gave Him a thought!  Long before whatever it might be that causes you to think you are unworthy He picked you!  

Imagine, the scene where Jesus picks the disciples.  He walks by they are fishing and He shouts "Come follow me."  Peter and Andrew left immediately to follow, but not all of us do.  Yet, He picks us first!  We are each chosen by Him long before we decide, if we want to be a part of His team or not.  He allows us to choose Him even though He called our name a long time ago on the cross! 

You are already a member of God's family!  You are already a member of His team!  He loves you dearly, so whatever issues that you deem unworthy of Him...He knows them and He picked you anyway!  So, get over yourself and join the team!  Raise your hand high and shout Me, Me!

Sweet blessings,

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