Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Joy

Thanks Frankie for my "Happy Joy"!

Sunday after church the two of us went to see the movie about Mother Teresa and it was a wow movie!  Now it was heartbreaking, touching, and beautiful well worth your time in my humble opinion, but before it started and with maybe 3 or so minutes was just Frankie and I sitting in this huge movie theater.  ( more showed up right on time.  we are always early birds.) We were giggling like little girls and it was a happy time of joy!

Have your moments that you share with your friends, your family, and strangers that bring joy ~ joy moments that you will treasure forever.

Thanks Frankie for my happy present you purchased at the Do Good store before I arrived at the Boardwalk!  I love it and it hangs proudly in my kitchen to remind me of my joy journey!

Sweet blessings,

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