Thursday, December 10, 2015

What is robbing our joy?

I read a really good illustration about allowing our joy to be taken from us that was given by Kent Crockett.  Kent stated that his wife pulled into a service station to get gas.  She didn't realize she pulled into the full service line and well her gas cost an additional 50 cents a gallon at the time.  He got very angry thinking of all the laws that had to have been broken by this over charge just by the people pumping the gas.  

During the time his mind was going gonkers over the injustice God reminded him the story of Esau.  You know the story where Esau gives away his birthright for a bowl of stew.  God showed him that the additional $7.00 he paid was robbing him of his joy!  He was exchanging joy for injustice just like Esau exhanged his birthright for stew.  Neither one makes much sense, but we all do this in some form.

What are we allowing to steal our joy?  Is it worry with family?  illness? finances?  All of the above?  The list goes on and on and what does the worry provide other than more worry?  

We allow things to steal our joy because we take our eyes off Jesus!  We all do it whether it is the price of gas or the price of milk...something steals our joy!

Today, be proactive don't allow anything to steal your joy!  Look at the gas station that you drive by that provides both services and honk!  It will remind you that absolutely nothing will steal your joy and the people working at the station will think you are being friendly!  Two good things will happen!

Sweet blessings,

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