Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beneath the shadow of your wings

Where do I run to Lord when I am afraid? Where do you run when you are afraid?

We all like to say that we go to the Lord, but do we?

As the fear builds do you go to the Lord with your problems?

Do you run to the phone and call a friend?

The Lord reminded me this morning once again that He is the one to protect me. When David ran from Saul and he wrote Psalm 57, he sang to the Lord that he would hide beneath the shadow of His wings. Oh what an image and what protection you feel just saying the words. David was before Jesus and he knew to run to God! We have Jesus and still at times forget to run to God to hide beneath His mighty wings!

Just like David in this Psalm, I am also confident in the Lord! He is mighty and ready to save us, we just have to ask. Why are we so stubborn?

Praise the Lord and hide beneath that Mighty wing!!!


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