Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Forgiveness or Not?

Forgiveness is so difficult, isn't it? Why is that? Do we have to be right is that the problem?

Why don't we let things go? Why don't we turn the other cheek? I read a quote that was good it said, "Forgive or relive." Isn't this true? We either forgive something or we continue to relive it until we do. We don't go around it or erase it we just continue to go over it and over it, again and again, moment by moment, year by year...yes years..Look at Absalom he would not forgive his father for his sister's wrong. He viewed it like His father David stood back and did nothing. Absalom killed his brother and still he did not forgive his father.

Look how many years went by and no forgiveness. No just more rebellion and lies. This family was in a terrible state because of unforgiveness. Who do you need to forgive? Why do we let it go on? Is it really easier to carry the unforgiveness?

Do you feel better, if you continue to carry this load? Sooner or later, your heart grows hard, your health fades and you are alone with your pain. Others move on and forgive and forget, but the hurt is still with you.

Today, turn the other cheek and move past the hurt. After all, it is probably only hurting you. God forgives us and He paid the ultimate price for us, all we have to do is turn the other cheek with the one that hurts us. Don't let it fester, it only gets bigger....


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Anonymous said...

Hey, Debbie! I am amazed that God is so faithful ALL THE TIME in showing us what He needs for us to know....then backing it up. I had struggled with a very unforgiving spirit with someone who hurt me greatly. I was released from it this weekend at a women's retreat with my church. They spoke about generational sins which just made me realize how much I had inherited in ways of harboring unforgiveness when someone truly and deeply hurt me. THEN, as I worried a bit on Sunday evening that the mountaintop experience would fade, I decided to commit to the Chronological Bible. And there it is.....God backing it up!! I am blessed more and more as I come to grow in His knowledge. Have a blessed day, my sister in Christ! Dawn