Wednesday, April 1, 2009

But Lord, How can I?

Have you ever questioned the Lord? How can I Lord?

Days go by and you think God made a terrible mistake and suddenly you realize God doesn't make mistakes. You just didn't trust what He was telling you.

Well, we aren't alone. This morning I was reading from Judges when Gideon becomes a judge. Imagine, it was you in Gideon's place you were working threshing wheat to hide from your enemy. Suddenly, an angel, but you don't recognize this at first tells you the Lord is with you. Well, if the Lord is with me Why, does all this bad stuff keep happening? Why? Why?

Go with the strength I've given you and rescue the Israelites. I'm sending you!
Who me? Little old me? the smallest and the weakest? Me? How? I will be with you!

Ladies, what more do we need to hear than I will be with you? What other assurance do we need? Do you continue to question and put God through a series of steps, like Gideon? Sometimes, I think we do in our own ways.. We wait for another sign or another signal and God usually answers, doesn't He?

God is the Key to our Puzzles and yet we still question this in our journeys. We have the answers we just don't go to the right source. We ask a friend or we ask a Dear Abby column, or we go to someone else...all the time we have the ear that we need ~ patiently waiting on us yet again ~ to say ~ Lord, show me the way. After all, in this story he tells us once again ~ I will be with you. Yes, Lord! The Great I Am is with us and we need to ask him for the answers during this difficult time in our country! Yes, Please turn to the Lord and ask what can I do to help?


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Frankie said...

When I find myself asking, "How can I?", it should be a sign to me that it is from God, because Isaiah 55:8 says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord.