Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dinner anyone?

O LORD my God, Save me! They will maul me like a lion?

Have you felt this way before? Your enemies did you feel like they were tearing you to pieces?

Look at Psalm 7 ~ this is called a shiggaion which is a song or elegy. This word comes from the verb shagah ~ which means "to reel through drink". Well, David was upset people were after him, he felt attacked and he might have been having a little drink to help matters along. David was afraid I think and he was sharing it maybe because he had been drinking. After all, David was a mighty warrior and fear was not something he showed a lot. He felt persecuted and he wanted God to be the judge.

Look at verse 14 ~ David states they were making evil and giving birth to trouble and lies. We dig the pits deep ourselves and then we fall into it, don't we?

Our own choices cause things to come back on us don't they? Look at verse 16... We pay the price ourselves. It falls on our head. Remember Absalom yesterday??

The verses 14 -16 are all about sinners, like me. The choices that I make and the pits that I fall into all causing my problems. Who do I go to from this point?

Verse 17 -- tells us to praise the Lord because he is just; Sing praise. Yes, Lord because of your Mighty grace by sending us your son, Jesus, we are forgiven.

Ever felt like you were going to be eaten by the lion? Take it to God now, don't make a wrong choice, let God help you with the decision and miss that pit that we dig for ourselves.


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