Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sounds like marching feet in the poplar trees!

In 2 Samuel this morning, David asked the LORD, "Should i go out to fight the Philistines? Will you hand them over to me?" Isn't it amazing, how the Lord gives us scriptures that truly speak to our hurting hearts?

I was hurting this morning and wasn't sure if I had done or said the right thing. Probably didn't say the right thing, but I do feel that the Lord affirmed that I was right in my thinking. I felt the Lord telling me yes, you are right and I will hand them over to you. In fact, I will go ahead of you and when you hear the sound of the wind in the trees it is me going before you.

It hurts when you are trying to open your heart and explain why you feel the way you do and none of the words come out right. You let your hurt speak and then it gets in to something totally different than you intended.

Why aren't we able to explain with all honesty and walk away? Why can't we just know that if we are being truly honest with your feelings that the other person will see it? Wouldn't it be easy if they could see our hearts? If the pain we feel they could feel or we could feel theirs when they hurt...

Sometimes, I'm reminded of the movie of Love Story and the words that Ali McGraw said, Love means never having to say you are sorry...or something like that not the biggest joke? Love does mean saying you are sorry..You must or the hurts never go away...

I'm sorry that maybe I didn't explain my heart in the right manner or that my heart isn't visible so you can see my feelings. It would help if I could open it up without opening my mouth up...

Thanks Father for giving me Your Word always to help with this journey...What do people do without your Mighty Word to get them through?

Listening to the Wind,

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