Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Giants in Our Path

What Giants lay in your path? Is it something you helped to get yourself into or something you had no control over? Are you ready for the battle or do you want to run the other way?

In my reading this morning the thing that struck me first was that David immediately said, "I'll go fight him." No concern about the giant or the battle ~ why? He knew that God was going to fight the battle, not him. Yes, he would use David, but it was God doing the fighting.

Why don't we remember that God is fighting the battle, if we let him? I think the key word is if...How often do we get in the way even when we are in the battle of a lifetime? We think we can handle it...how absurd are we? or should I say am I?

The giant is in the path right ahead of me and I think okay I think I'll turn right and avoid the giant. Avoidance doesn't work! Or I decide to turn around. Postponement doesn't work! The giants in our life don't go away by themselves!!!!

David proclaimed that Today the LORD will conquer you, and I will kill you....Isn't this true? If we ask God to conquer He will and then he will use us in the battle...

We need to remember that we also must wear our own clothes that God gives us to fight these battles. He provides for each of what we need to fight our battles ~ not the clothing of anybody else!!! He gives each of us what we need. He loves each of us in our own uniqueness that He gifted us with and wants each of us to use these gifts in our battles. Don't try to wear anybody elses! It just doesn't fit the same ~ imagine going to battle in high heel shoes that are 2 sizes too small!!! It just will not work! Wear your own battle shoes!!!

Battling behind the Lord,

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