Thursday, April 2, 2009

Praise the Lord!

You have just received word that someone you love is in trouble. You just heard that you lost someone you love. Do you immediately bow in worship?

Reading this morning in Judges, I was reminded that Gideon was about to go to battle and he worshiped before the Lord! Wow, he was praising God just moments before a big battle.

We should immediately go to the Lord in praise and worship, shouldn't we? We should praise and worship God at all times, but do we?

Reading this story this morning it reminded me that all too often we go to those around us with our prayer concerns and we don't take them to The Comforter, The Great Physician, The Almighty we take it to those that are around us in body form. The bible does tell us that where 2 or more are gathered I am there, so it's okay that we turn to our friends, but...maybe I forget to go to the Almighty at times.

Next battle I am going to be reminded to praise and worship The Almighty! The Lord will give us our answers and get us through the battle. We may not receive the answer we desire, but we will be carried through the battle by Our Lord.

Thanking God that you always remind me of things I take for granted!!!

Praising the Lord,

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