Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Faceless and homeless

Have you ever felt like nobody saw you today? You think did anybody notice me all day long?

Well, we have people around us that think that all the time. Sometimes, I think we tend to act like they aren't there. Why? Because it's easier for us, if we pretend they don't exist. They do exist.

I heard a beautiful young woman talk last night, named Cassie. Cassie works with the homeless and knows that God called her to notice them. To take the time to let them know that they do indeed matter and that they are loved. She meets needs. She doesn't preach at them all the time, she helps to meet the next need.

You see peace in her face and she exudes love when she speaks! God is definitely using this young woman to be His mighty hands and feet in this world.i am using this blog to request prayers for Cassie and her team. They are about to take a huge step of faith and they need to be surrounded by prayers and love. Please lift them up for safety and that they be covered with God's mighty armor.

She is stepping out in faith to an area of town that is not safe, but she knows God is calling her to go into it. I know after hearing her speak that this is true and that we must pray for Cassie and her team. Also, we must pray for the people that are on the streets that we may not see, but they are there.

In our city, we have between 800 and 1200 every night in the street without safety, without umbrellas when it rains, without a blanket to cover when it is cool, or without any cool breeze when it is hot. These folks may look a little different or even smell a little different, but they are not different than you and me...they are God's children and He loves them just as much as you or me...


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