Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peace in the midst of a storm

Psalm 3
1-2 God! Look! Enemies past counting! Enemies sprouting like mushrooms,
Mobs of them all around me, roaring their mockery:
"Hah! No help for him from God!"

3-4 But you, God, shield me on all sides;
You ground my feet, you lift my head high;
With all my might I shout up to God,
His answers thunder from the holy mountain.

5-6 I stretch myself out. I sleep.
Then I'm up again—rested, tall and steady,
Fearless before the enemy mobs
Coming at me from all sides.

7 Up, God! My God, help me!
Slap their faces,
First this cheek, then the other,
Your fist hard in their teeth!

8 Real help comes from God.
Your blessing clothes your people!

A year ago, February, God gave me this scripture the day my house caught fire! Yes, it was in a letter that survived the fire after I prayed God please show me you are with me! He showed up and gave me this scripture in a letter that survived and was laying in my driveway.

Folks, God is alive and well and at work right around us right now! Look for Him today! Ask Him which step you need to take and listen for His mighty answer.

God is amazing. Let Him fill you to the brim with His mighty works and let Him hold you tight during the most difficult of days! Ask him!

David did...His son made him run to the wilderness and David knew God would rescue him. He praised him...I have gazed upon your power and glory. Your unfailing love is better than life itself. Oh what, powerful words when David was in the middle of his wilderness. He was hiding out and running from his own flesh and blood. Have we done that?

Absalom is a sad story. He let his unforgiveness become bitterness that would never be taken away. He let it fester until it was so big that nothing would heal his pain. Even in the heat of battle the thing that caught my attention was that his own hair(head) was his downfall. It tells us that he tried to escape on his mule, but as he rode underneath the branches of a great tree, his hair got caught in a tree. How often do we get caught by our own hair? How often do we let bitterness get the better of us? We become another person and not one that is well liked by others, even ourselves. Miserable..Don't you think Absalom was miserable? I do...

Today, I loaded two images one of peace and one of Absalom's monument? Which looks more comforting to you? The monument is still with us today, cold, hard, concrete and it was a monument in Absalom's honor, but it's a monument built by man. The dove is alive and soooo peaceful.. What choice will you make?

Choosing peace,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, thank you for teaching me through your picture selections as well as your writing. I am asking myself, what kind of monument am I building for myself? None, I pray. May all of my "building" go to the Kingdom of God and to His glory.