Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fire from Heaven

Is there no God in Israel? Powerful words spoken in 1 Kings to man being sent by the king to consult with the god of Ekron...who is the god of Ekron? I ask the same question and found that some said it was storm god who controlled diseases brought by flies. Yes, sounds like someone you would want to consult on a life or death matter - NOT! How stupid were these kings? Well, sometimes how stupid are we?

Stupid isn't a word that parents like for children to use and probably not one that I should use today, but what other word fits this king or us at times? God proves His love over and over and yet ...when the king fell through a lattice type of work that allowed the breezes to flow through, but not the sunlight he consulted with a god from the Baal family.

An angel of the LORD appeared to Elijah with mighty words and he shared them with the folks headed to consult the fly god. Have you heard of fly by night? Wonder if this is where that expression came from? Just a thought...anyway. They took the words back to the king that he would die in his bed because of who he consulted. The king wanted a description of the man immediately. Immediately knowing it was Elijah.

He wanted Elijah arrested for telling him truth. Two different groups of men went to arrest Elijah because they demanded he come down without realizing that he was a prophet that God sent to share these words with, so God sent down fire to kill these men all 100 of them...The last group sent realized and he approached with respect and honor kneeling before Elijah pleading for his life and the men's! The angel of the LORD then told Elijah to not be afraid to go with them and they were all spared, but the king!

Do we realize who God sends? Do we realize who we consult with for major decisions in our life? Is it God? Does God send you answers through your friends, family, pastor? Do you hear from God? If not, pick up His Word. Be still and listen and wait. You will receive answers. Oh, maybe not the one you want, but you will know!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

I believe the Word is where I hear from God the most. Psalm 27: 14 says, "Wait for the Lord, be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord." While I am waiting, I pray that I will be still and listen as you mentioned.