Monday, June 6, 2011

Like chasing the wind~

Like chasing the wind such wise words about all the things we are able to actually put our hands on and touch in life. Anything that we might grasp between our hands will only make us happy for a brief moment, if that.

Solomon the wise king had absolutely everything a human could desire. He had wisdom, He had stuff, He had women beyond numbers, He had wealth, He had a palace, but he lost his relationship with God. So nothing was right. He lost his view of eternity. He had no knowledge of Jesus yet and he lost his view of eternity through scripture. After all, he was pursuing everything else...

Adventure is like chasing the wind, but it's fun! How long does actually holding a piece of jewelry make you happy? How long before a new relationship is stale because you begin to see the flaws of another human being? The only way that anything makes sense is with God.

Think of all the things that truly make you happy. Are you able to touch them? Yes you are able to touch your child's face or your husband's, but the moments you have together are you able to freeze them or do they become a memory that passes through your mind? A day you shared with someone are you able to hold it? Laughter? The wind is real, just like God! Our moments are an adventure that He allows to stay in our minds not in our hands. Our life cannot be held in our hands, but it can in our memory and other people's memory! Just because we might desire something in our life, doesn't mean that it is something we should want...Solomon tried it all and look at his words...nothing matters!

How sad is it that a man that requested wisdom was given this gift and yet he came to the conclusion that nothing mattered, because he lost God. He pursued everything and had nothing!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

That is a new thought to me about everything seeming meaningless to Solomon because of his lost relationship with God. Wow! Where have I been?