Sunday, June 5, 2011

Turn his heart away from the Lord

Did you see it coming?

When you read that Solomon had 700 wives of royal birth and 300 concubines, did you ask will they help Solomon loose some of his wisdom? After all, what man could manage 5 women much less 1000??? Really? What happened to the wisdom of Solomon? Such a waste!

Solomon got in his own way. Why? Solomon listened to someone other than God! OOPS!

How often is this us? We listen to everyone and don't even ask God...

I imagine Solomon walking around his palace with 1000 women spread around all over and unless it was sooooooooo big he would be crossing a lot of these women's path all the time...Sooner or later they are going to bring their way of thinking into his little brain and some of these not so good thoughts are going to take hold.

Sure enough in his old age we are told Solomon turned to other gods. What? We are suppose to grow wiser with age, Solomon went the opposite??? What's happening here? The devil never stops trying to win us to his way of thinking....Solomon accepted Gods that believed in sacrificing of children which is Chemosh, the god of the Moabites and they think they practiced it on perhaps the Mt. of Olives!The god of Molech was also a sacrifice of children...what happened?

Solomon wanted to appear all powerful even in having more women than anyone else! He did! He was ruined, but he had more women. Wonder if he felt it was worth it, when he realized that God was angry and He raised up another? Did he regret his choice in his lifetime or only at the end perhaps? God appeared to him twice and warned him and yet he still worshipped other gods...How?

We get tooooo big for our own britches! Isn't that the old expression? We think we got it all under control and boy do we ...

Forgive us Father, when we think it is about us! When pride gets involved we all fail!

Sweet blessings,

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