Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yet even...

Why should we be any different? Why?

I read the Word this morning and when I got to the portion from 2 King 12: 1-16; I was struck with why should we be surprised. You ask surprised about what? Well, read it for yourself. Seriously, how many times do we all have to realize that God is the one and only GOD? Once again, we read that Joash began to rule over Jerusalem and that he did what was pleasing in the LORD's sight, because Jehoiada the priest instructed him. Yet, he did not destroy the pagan shrines, so people still went to these places.

Several things hit me...First, it tells us that Joash did what was pleasing because of the priest. He didn't do it because of his own belief, no it was the priest! Huge thought - if we believe for someone else it isn't believing...We must make this choice for ourselve! No one else decides for us; even though that might be good if they could! If you continue to read in 2 Kings you will learn that once the priest died, Joash turned away from the LORD! How often have you known someone that attended church, did all the right things, but once they lost a loved one perhaps that took them to church they no longer returned? We must decide for little old selves!!!!

Do you know that the name of "Joash" means "The Lord gave"? The Lord did give as long as he was making the choice of rebuilding the temple and trying, but the moment the priest died things changed. Why didn't he tear all of this down in the beginning? Why didn't the priest instruct him to? Why don't we tear down all the evil things surrounding us right now? Why don't we turn off the tv? Why don't we put down something that we might not ought to be reading? Why? Why? Because we don't want to - NOT REALLY! Think about it, don't you do what you want to? Don't you get rid of something you don't want any longer? Well, I guess we aren't any different than Joash!

Another thing that hit me was why weren't the repairs being made like Joash instructed? Was the money not being given to make the repairs or were the priests not funding the repairs? Why the delay in repairing the temple? Could this have been another problem with not getting rid of the pagan business? Were they still not truly following the LORD? They were better and we are told that he did what was pleasing to the LORD...The story raises questions in my mind about allowing the smallest evil to hang around near and how it slowly eats away at the good.

Did these stories bother you? Joash tried, but did he try hard enough? Why did the priest that had his ear and he trusted not instruct him to rid the land of the pagan stuff? Why? Later on in the story we read that once the priest dies and Joash no longer follows the LORD. We are told he abandoned the God of their ancestors, and worshiped poles and idols instead...The son of the priest that spent much time and love teaching Joash from a young man on shared words from God with Joash and he ordered the death of his dear teacher's son!

Evil will take over quickly. Allow a small part in and watch it grow. Look around America right now and it's happening! I love our country, but so much evil is growing and growing. When will we take a stand? When will we recognize the evil and rid our land of it? How can we make a difference? Read God's Word, Practice what we read and share it with our friends! Prayer! Allow God to work and He will do the rest!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

It is really tough keeping up with the kings and the two kingdoms.

Just like you wrote, we read over and over again that the people would not get rid of all that was not pleasing to God. We are no different today. Why?