Thursday, June 9, 2011

Out of the ordinary!

I love the appearance of lions! I watch Chronicles of Narnia and think I just want to hug that lion. I mean they just look lovable except when they are eating! Look at the photo that accompanies today's blog. Doesn't he look sweet? Look between his legs and notice the leftovers from the meal...

When I was reading the words today from 1 King 13 and the story of the prophet that went to warn Bethel against the pagan shrines and worship at the altar with such acts I was amazed. Please read the whole story for yourself it is 1 Kings 13: 1-34. The prophet followed his instructions with warnings and the king offered for him to return and eat with him, but he refused. He refused telling him that God instructed him to leave without drinking or eating anything from Bethel. So he left.

Another prophet followed him and offered for him to come back to his house and eat and drink. He refused at first. The prophet then did something odd to me ~ he lied to another prophet. Several commentaries stated perhaps he had sons that were close to the center of the things being done with the shrines and pagan worship or that he himself was close to the center of all of this. Another thought was he was trying to show up this man of God as false because perhaps he had spoken contrary to what this man had stated. Anyway he lied and convinced the true prophet to return and eat.

As they were eating at this man's table the Lord came to him and he cried out that the other man had defied the Word of God and disobeyed by eating with him. They finished eating the prophet rode the other man's donkey and left. A lion came out of no where and killed the man because he had returned and eaten in Bethel. Now here is the really odd part to me. The lion stood beside the body without devouring it and he was leaving the donkey alone. The donkey stayed by the man and the lion did as well leaving the body laying there.

How weird is this? We all know that under normal circumstances that body would have been eaten and devoured quickly by the lion. The donkey would have been dessert! Unlike humans the animals are showing obedience to God ~ they are bending to God's will. You know that was not their will! God was making this scene happen!

The old prophet came and took the other prophet back to be buried in his tomb with instructions that one day he was to lay beside this man's bones. Indicating that the man was right in the words he stated about Bethel and the acts taking place there were wrong!

Have you given any thought to something being out of the ordinary? Is God trying to do something special or different with your life? Are you looking at something and something doesn't appear to be right? Well, talk to God and see where He might be leading you!

Sweet blessings,

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