Saturday, June 4, 2011

"A Reluctant Queen" by Joan Wolf ~ Wonderful Read

Do you need a book filled with romance, mystery, and danger? Well, this is the book for you! A book about Queen Esther.

The author, Joan Wolf captures your imagination and intrigues you with the way she weaves the story of Queen Esther and the way that queen Esther captures not only the King's eye, but his love! Women will love this story and are excited with every page turn, to see where it will lead.

A beautiful story from that Bible that shares one woman standing up for the One True God and Joan just gives a new glimpse of how the story might have happened with more details. Joan is a beautiful storyteller with beautiful details intertwined to capture a woman's heart! WE all love a good love story!

I found it so enlightening about the first days that Esther found herself in the King's harem. The terror that was in her heart and mind with all the new and strange surroundings.

A wonderful book to add to your summer reading list. Order it through at
You will be glad you did sitting by the pool, relaxing with your book about Queen Esther and the beauty that surrounded her in the palace!

Sweet blessings,

I did receive the book to read and review it! So glad I agreed to be a part of this blog tour and review this fabulous read!!!

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Diane said...

I reviewed this book too and also enjoyed it. Have a super week! :O)