Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Headed south

2 Chronicles 11: 5-17

Jeroboam thought he had it all together. He consulted the older advisers and his younger advisers and took the word of men that had never been tested and tried over the more experienced men. Huge mistake!

The people revolted in Jerusalem and he fled to rule from the north. Not long before he is worshipping golden calves. How do people worship a statue? How? Anyway, he built his kingdom around the city of Shechem and Peniel. He decided to keep the people from going to worship in Jerusalem, he would build these calves and the people would stay to offer their sacrifices close to home.

He even appointed his own priests! The Levites abandoned their property and moved to Judah to serve the LORD! It hit me that sometimes we must also abandon and move to serve where God is calling us. We must leave behind people we love, places we love and move south to obey God's plans for our journeys! Is it easy? No! Imagine, these men giving up their homeland, their places of worship because no longer were they allowed to follow the LORD that called them "His Own" a part of the Royal Priesthood. No choice, but to pack their bags and head south!

Sometimes we might be called to pack our bags and move south! Are you ready? Well, you might gather a few things to prepare for a journey because God seems to always move us out of our comfort zones! So be prepared to move and serve!

Sweet blessings,

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