Saturday, June 11, 2011

Make a choice!

Odd photo, isn't it?

A woman with two different faces and ways that she appears. A woman that can't decide who she wants to be and what or whom she wants to represent. How many of us are like this woman?

Today, when I got to 1 Kings 18 the words jumped off the page at me that Elijah told the people of Israel ~ How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him! If Baal is God, then follow him! But the people were completely silent. How many of us are like this? How many of us tag along following God and then waver at the slightest show of something you think might be a little better or a quick fix?

God wants us to pick Him! The God of the universe allows us to pick Him ~ this free will thing blows my mind everyday. God is sooooooo big that He didn't have to allow us to choose, but He wants us to pick HIM! He loves us sooooooo much, that He wants us to make the choice that He is the only way and that we love Him beyond measure! The exact same way He feels about us ~ beyond measure!

Do you know that literally in the word that the original meaning for this passage was "limp along on or between two twigs." Are we limping along or standing tall? Are we making the choice of who we are because of God or someone or something else? Who created the world? Who can start a fire from heaven? Who can whip the oceans with a sigh? Who can blow and make the winds turn the world upside down? Who can set the rainbow in the sky? Who can create a new life? Who will have victory in the end? It is my prayer that we all choose God and Jesus and that we stand firmly on their side not limply in the middle because that is not a choice that will stand in eternity!

Sweet blessings,

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