Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today, I wasn't sure what to write about and I came to the story of Oded. The story of this prophet who was in Samaria when the army returned home after defeating the land of Judah. I fell upon this story and the reminders of always have mercy. God shows mercy even in times when we don't deserve it, but this story shows how much He loves in spite of how angry He is with the people.

I pondered this story and looked for the right photo and do you know that I looked on the site I purchase photos to use and for mercy that on about the first five pages it was almost entirely pictures of other idols? Not many pictures relating to God, but a lot of wooden statues of one sort of another and thought still when you type in mercy other Gods come up, before the ONE TRUE GOD! How? Even now? Are we like the people who went to defeat the people of Judah and they killed without mercy and all of heaven was disturbed? Heaven must be disturbed looking around at all of us...are we showing mercy to the people surrounding us that are suffering? Are we showing mercy to those that made a bad choice, who are laying in their own suffering? Where is the mercy?

Do you know this story Oded is only found in 2 Chronicles? Isn't it amazing that even when God was delivering judgment to His people, He wanted mercy shown? Should we not feel the same way? The leaders heard Oded in the story and released the prisoners and turned over the plunder and gave clothes to the naked, put the weak on donkeys and sent them back to their own people of Samaria. How do we judge and forget our own sins? How do we not show mercy when we know that we need mercy just as much as the next person?

Today remember a man that is found once in God's Word reminding people to always show mercy! Remember Oded and mercy in your walk today!

Sweet blessings,

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