Thursday, October 20, 2011

Didn't I tell you?

How many times to you get frustrated a day, when you have told someone something three or four times?

You realize they just aren't paying attention and it frustrates you?

Well, in Luke 11:38 this I believe is what Jesus was feeling...He had told them over and over who He was and they had witnessed His miracles, but yet they weren't getting what He was telling them. We are told Jesus was still angry as he arrived at the tomb and he told them to move the stone. Martha suggest that the smell might be really bad after all it had been four days. Jesus responded with, Didn't I tell you that you would see God's glory?

Jesus knew His time was short and He was realizing that people that were around Him all the time weren't even getting it and how were others going to? Imagine, his feelings of frustration, worry, concern, anger, and list could go on and on. We know how we feel when we tell little things three or four times and Jesus was sharing the story over and over.

It helps me to realize that Jesus felt the same feelings I do at times. Oh, He definitely had way more patience than I do, but He walked our shoes. He felt our concerns, our worries, our love, our feelings...He felt them! Such a peace overwhelms me when I truly realize how much Jesus felt for me and you. He felt such suffering for me and you and He took away that feeling that we would never have because of His love for us. The separation from God because of sin - Jesus took it away with His blood. How lonely Jesus must be beginning to feel knowing this separation was coming shortly. How alone knowing that these people just weren't realizing and yet He spoke the Lazarus, come out! And then these words "unwrap him and let him go!" He unwraps all of our bandages and heals them for us as well. He frees us and yet at times - He must feel these same feelings with each of us!

Yet, He frees us! Yes indeed!

Sweet blessings,

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