Thursday, October 6, 2011

A lamp is placed on a stand...

Mark 4:21
...A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light will shine.

When you enter a room and the lamps are on doesn't it add a sense of welcome and hospitality? I never use to pay attention to things like that, but recently I've noticed how much a lamp sets the tone for a room.

Reading this morning, I was imagining Jesus sitting in a room with the disciples explaining all the stories about the seed, the lamp, the yeast with a lamp lit across the room lighting it for them to talk or around a campfire. A light that without it lit would have made it a dark setting where it would have been hard to grasp exactly what Jesus was saying, because their minds would have been wandering with the sounds that would have been happening, the darkness would have surrounded them and everything would have taken on a different tone. I believe with the lamp lit the mood was set for them to understand. Think about it for yourself and see how you imagine the scene set. After all, we were told yesterday that the disciples ask for Jesus to explain the parables to them. Bringing a light into the setting would have helped them to understand what He was saying...I don't know, but that is how I picture the scene.

A lamp in those days would have been referring to a small clay bowl made with a spout to hold a wick with oil that served as its fuel. They would then have them either coming from a place in the wall that was made to hold them or in a wealthier home a special table would have been holding it. They were suppose to share the message nothing hidden. Darkness hides things. Secrets are told in the dark. Things we don't want others to know are hidden in the darkness, but turn the lamp on and all will see and understand!

Share the message today! Turn your lamps on and share God's Word with one another!

Sweet blessings,

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