Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jesus answered his thoughts...

I love the moments that Jesus answers my thoughts through a friend, through His Word or some other way...

I wonder how Simon felt in Luke 7, when Jesus answered his thoughts of how this woman was unworthy to be in their company and that she was so much less than them? Do you think he realized who Jesus was? Do you think He admitted it?

Couple of things to keep in mind reading this story this dinner would have been open to spectators because of the people's importance having the dinner. Certainly no one expected this woman to join them, but she did! She took a huge risk because she needed forgiveness so badly. She was willing to risk it all..

The woman knelt behind Jesus...she didn't feel worthy to even kneel in front of Him. Jesus would have been sitting at a table low to the ground or lounging there and she came in from behind Him. She desired forgiveness so badly she was weeping enough to wipe Jesus feet with her tears! She was truly sorry for all she had done...and again she probably did not choose this way of life all on her own! Women did not have much choice in those days, but she knew she was wrong for allowing the choice to be made and her doing it...Jesus allowed Simon to realize who He was because He told him I know your thoughts Simon...Simon you were so filled with your importance that you did not even do the host duty of cleaning my feet upon arrival. You were so ready to throw things at me to perhaps disprove who I am that you forgot your host roles...In fact you insulted me!

The host with everything forgot how to treat guests, but the woman who really knew who the guest was showed true faith! She was willing to risk it all for Jesus by entering that room!

Are we willing to risk it all to enter a room Jesus calls us to?

Sweet blessings,

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