Friday, October 7, 2011

Laughed at him

Have you ever been the one that others were laughing at and you knew it?

It hurts, doesn't it?

The photo really grasp the feeling of being laughed at or ridiculed.

I wonder how Jesus felt. We are told He felt feelings that we felt, but He made them leave and went on with His duties.

Look at the story found in Mark 5 about the young girl that Jesus brought back to life. Jesus had just healed the woman with the 12 year bleeding issue, because she knew if she just reached for His robe it would happen! A father knew is daughter was very ill and close to death, so he was pleading for Jesus to come to his home. He healed the woman on the way to this man's home.

When they arrived at the home a lot of weeping and commotion were happening and Jesus responded with Why? She is only sleeping. Jesus was telling them its only temporary and they laughed at him.

First off weeping and commotion were a sign that death had occurred in this culture. Most of the people would have been paid wailers..I found this interesting that you paid people to come and wail and carry on. Burial happened fast, so these folks came quick.

Laughed at him in the original language actually means "were laughing in his face" or "laughed Him to scorn," not a good feeling, if you were the receiver of such an act. We all know it. We have all been on the receiving end of it. Jesus made them leave and with a lot of force. He wasn't happy with their reaction of being shallow and unbelieving, so He was forceful and showed His authority with orders to leave! Imagine this gentle man of healing knowing what He was about to do and these people laughing at Him ~ but He backed it up! He didn't want them to witness this miracle first hand, so out with you...What do we miss because we don't believe?

The original Aramaic words Jesus said to the little girl were Talitha, cumi which meant "lamb" or "youth arise". He talked to this little girl as if she were already living not dead. Absolutely no question you are alive rise....

I wonder how the ones that laughed felt when they saw this little lamb walking and talking? Believe today and don't worry with laughter!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Can you imagine people laughing at Jesus, the King of Kings, in such a manor as "laughing His face?" How sad! Although, I guess that type of ridicule goes on even today as some people laugh at Jesus and Christianity.