Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've read the past several days, but not posted. Very unusual action for me to miss blogging what I believe the Holy Spirit is teaching me for the day. I've still been having the lessons, but I felt it was a time for just me and God! Treasured special moments.

This morning I felt lead back to something from yesterday that I wanted to write about and get your thoughts about it is found in the reading from Mark 8 about Jesus feeding the four thousand. The words just jumped off the page that Jesus said to the disciples...I feel sorry for these people. The people were so hungry to be spiritually fed that they had been with Him for three days and eaten nothing! We miss a meal and we are shouting - I'm starving! These people were picking Jesus over physical needs.

Jesus actually used the words meaning himself this time and in Matthew in the same passage about this time. Jesus felt their need. He knew their need because He walked here on earth! Jesus sees our needs and feels our pain.

He feels compassion for us! Today whatever you are feeling know in your heart that Jesus knows and He cares! Cling to these special words!

Sweet blessings,

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