Sunday, October 2, 2011


Do we realize what we need?

Or should I say who we need?

Today, from Matthew 5:3 these words were striking to me ~
God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him.

Are we happy?

Perhaps we haven't realized exactly what we truly need...

realize - to grasp or understand fully...

I don't know, if we will every understand God fully....after all He is so big that our little minds just aren't able to comprehend all that He is or has done...

Travel to the mountains and truly look around. You begin to have a small understanding of God's majesty when you are surrounded by the mountains and nature. Take a really good look at a baby the next time you are around one and perhaps you will once again be able to understand a small part of God's being...the list could go on and on

Do we realize?

It is my prayer that we begin to realize how awesome God truly is that He sent us Jesus to walk among walk the earth and feel the things of this world and yet still He went to the cross to save me and you ~ Do we realize?

Sweet blessings,

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