Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Come and you will see...

Over the past several Sundays, I've heard some great words shared at church on John 1.  I've enjoyed the thoughts and it got my mind running...those of you that know me know that means my mind is running and running in a lot of different directions at the same time!  Oops, but I'm learning.

The words that just have jumped off the page at me are the ones above that Jesus shared with two disciples that followed Him.  Always I must imagine the scene unfolding, so I picture these two men feeling excited, yet unsure of themselves, but yet they take the steps to follow Jesus.  Don't you really wonder what John said about Jesus that made two men just drop everything and follow this stranger down the road?  Or was it the look Jesus had and the aroma that surrounded Him that indeed He is special?  If it was John's words or if it was Jesus himself, they took very brave steps to follow Jesus.

Immediately, Jesus turns and speaks to them.  Don't you know the sparkle in His eyes was so bright, the smile on His face so welcoming that they only wanted more right away?  His mere appearance left them wanting more and once words were spoken in that comforting, yet commanding voice there was no turning back.  Peace surrounded them and they only wanted more.

Isn't it true of us?  I just want to sit on a bench like pictured in the photo and take in more and more of Jesus.  Don't you want your story like perhaps John's leaving people desiring more and more of Jesus?  Whatever words John shared gave these men a burning desire for Jesus not for John and that is what each of us should desire.  Our words be His Words, so that they will  follow Jesus!

I want more of Jesus and His story.  Lately, He seems to be drawing me to simply look at His Word.  Don't pick up the commentary to dig, don't pick up the word meaning in Hebrew or Greek just me and you ~ Debbie.  Sometimes, we just need to pick up His Word and listen quietly while He speaks the words...
Come Debbie and you will see...

Today, listen to His Words and follow,

Sweet blessings,

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