Thursday, January 9, 2014


I like doors!  I notice doors... I notice whether it looks welcoming or it gives the signal don't dare knock on this door.  I notice doors, so I fell in love with this picture.  It shows old doors, some more unique doors, some ugly doors, and some that "will you knock or not"?  Do you remember the show "Let's Make a Deal" with behind curtain number 1, 2, or 3; well I think it should have been doors, but that is just me...anyway

Doors open and close throughout our life.  A door may open for a time period and close at another point, so that God might teach you a very important lesson in the door that He opened or the one that He shut.  Yes, I believe that God might open the door or shut the door for us, but at times I also believe He waits for us to choose.

I've been in prayer and making some pretty tough decisions, because I felt God leading me to make some tough choices for the journey He has for me.  Our journey's are each unique to each of us and so exciting, if we allow Him to guide us.  If we pick the random door that wasn't the one He desired, we might learn some difficult lessons in the process, but He will still use all of it! (if we let Him)

Do you remember in the story of Noah when they get on the ark we are told in Genesis 7:16 ~ ...then the LORD shut him in.  God closed out the waters from Noah and the ark.  He protected them from the storm.  Also, we are told  in Matthew 7:7 ~ ...Knock and the door will be opened for you. God does have a plan and some of them include doors.  Jennifer Rothschild wrote on her blog about doors the other day and referenced a Kirk Franklin tweet about doors being Gods creation and a part of our plan.  She went on to discuss how Jesus in John called himself the "door for the sheep".  Jesus is the way.

What doors are you opening and closing?

Is it a little scary to open a new door?  Well, you aren't alone, but God's plans are so much better than ours that we must allow Him to show us the door that we need to open or close...

Jennifer wrote it so beautifully on her blog...these were her words  
Every door that God opens, closes or creates is just an extension of His role as “The Door.” Every door you encounter this coming year will be a reflection of Jesus’ care for you – His protection, provision and shepherding in your life.

So, as God opens, closes and creates doors for you this coming year, take time to remember that He is not only “The Door,” but He is your Door. He invites you in to be safe and found in Him.

Isn't that a great thing to look forward to with each new door?  Jesus is "The Door", we will be safe with Him, so open the door, shut the door whatever it is that He is asking you to do...go for it!  Find the adventure behind the door with Jesus.

Sweet blessings,

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