Monday, January 27, 2014

Listen carefully...

Recently, I've realized that it is truly amazing how well animals hear.  I was a  long way from these critters and they knew exactly the moment I moved.  Check out their ears and when you click on the pics you see it in their eyes.  It's amazing how God create animals to really be in tune with their surroundings.

Well, I believe He created us the same way.  Only we have created a lot of noise to go in the surroundings, where we don't hear the words He shares with us.

If you are anything like me, until recently I always had noise in the house.  I had the tv on for the noise, we have our cell phones to our ears constantly and we are constantly looking at our computers.  Noise, noise, noise...seldom did I just shut down and be...

I am improving.  I have a long way to go still, but I am improving.

The words from Isaiah 55:3 in the Message just struck a chord with me this morning and with this thought process...

Pay attention, come close now,
listen carefully to my life -giving, life-nourishing words.
I'm making a lasting covenant commitment with you,
the same that I made with David: sure, solid, enduring love.

Are we paying attention?  Are we coming closer, so that we may receive these amazing words that each of us so desperately need to hear?  Don't tell me you don't need to be reminded that you are loved with a sure, solid, enduring love...We all need these words over and over and we are told these beautiful words, but are we able to hear them?  Are we able to pause a moment and come close to feel His Amazing love?

Today, have your ears in tune to hear this amazing reminder of God's amazing love.  The only love that truly gives life and nourishes our soul at the very same time.  We are all starving for this love that only God provides so today stay tuned in to God's amazing words...

Sweet blessings,

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